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Hi there gorgeous!

If you're reading this, congrats! You've found our blog. My name is Jhalisa John, and I am so excited to finally provide a place for our community to congregate and converse about all things fashion, beauty and of course, entrepreneurship.

When I launched Saint Hadar Exchange back in 2014, I knew that I wanted my company to be much more than a website women visited just to purchase clothes. Even then, my focus was on building a community. 

  • One where women celebrated each other in the same way they celebrated a new designer handbag.
  • A family of fashionistas that enjoyed talking about the latest trends and debating over which celebrity really wore it better.
  • A resource you could use to learn how to succeed in life and at business.
  • And a clique that encouraged you to not only chase your dreams but to look darn good while doing so.

So welcome! Do make yourself at home. Please check out the ground rules below, and before you head out, make sure you leave a comment with any questions on something you would like to know.

Community Guidelines

  1. Yes, you are free to tell all your girlfriends about our blog. In fact, we highly recommend it.
  2. No profanity, offensive slurs, abusive speech or vulgar language allowed. Such comments will be removed, and the user will be blocked from our website.
  3. Maybe have a suggestion for a blog post? Don't be shy! Comment your ideas below. 


Saint Hadar Exchange!

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